Unit with one of the most comprehensive oncology product portfolios on the market. It was a pioneer in making the first generic oncological product available on the Brazilian market.

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The oncological portfolio is broad and diversified. In 2015, the Fiprima® (filgrastim) was recorded, being the first biosimilar medicine in Latin America. 

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Created in 1996, the Unit has one of the most complete portfolios of oncology products in the market and has pioneered by providing the Brazilian market with the first generic oncological product. In 2010, the unit began marketing on an exclusive basis in the country, the CIMAher®, a monoclonal antibody for cancer treatment, shaping up as the first Brazilian pharmaceutical company to market this type of product in Brazil. 

The oncological portfolio of Eurofarma is broad and diversified and has as its recent highlight the development of Fiprima® (filgrastim) first biosimilar medicine in Latin America. Throughout the world there are only 20 biosimilar ones. Fiprima® is indicated to increase the defense cells of the body of patients undergoing chemotherapy.